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Sirius Light Curtain Top-Line System Ice Crystal Supplement 100 LED exterior 2.5 x 0.75 m

Sirius Light Curtain Top-Line System Ice Crystal Supplement 100 LED exterior 2.5 x 0.75 m

Product description

The Sirius top-line light curtain is ideal for decorating the house and garden. Here you get the version as supplementary set with 100 LED without transformer. Please note that a transformer is necessary to operate the extension. Please do not forget to order the Sirius Top Line Timer, this will save you annoying switching on and off.

General Info for Sirius Top Line LED Professional Outdoor Lighting System:

With the LED TOP-LINE light decorations by Sirius you can individually design and extend your lighting project, be it a house, garden or entrance area. And that year after year.
Top-Line is the new low-voltage LED system from Sirius. Fairy lights, ice crystals, nets and curtains which can be connected in a variety of ways. The cables and plugs are extra stronger to withstand the strong wind and winter weather in Europe. The new digital transformer, by the way a lightweight of its class, supplies your light project with up to 2000 LED from only one power outlet. Start with the Sirius Top-Line Starter Set and extend your light project with chains, curtains or nets up to 2000 lights.

All items in the Top Line assortment are available as a Start Set variant (including transformer) or as a supplement.
Furthermore, the system offers accessories such as 2 or 4 splitter to extend in different directions. There is also an extension cable and an 8 hour timer for easy use.
The electronic lightweight 25W transformer can also be purchased separately if necessary.

Leuchtmittel LED
Leuchtmittelanzahl 100
Leuchtmittelfarbe Warmweiß
Länge 2,5 m
Leistung 3 W / 36 V
Höhe 0,75 m
Bestellnummer SIR50310
EAN 5707310503102
Hersteller Sirius

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