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Luminous objects for the living area

Where once the light bulb was used, today this contemporary and effective luminous object takes its place. Due to their long-lasting functionality, minimal size and optimal energy efficiency, LED light objects have beaten the light bulbs by far in many fields of application. The many positive aspects are in line with the trend of the time and correspond to an environmentally conscious application. The variety of effective applications with all their advantages cannot be surpassed.

Illuminated stars, illuminated moons, illuminated trees, illuminated flower pots, lamps of the most different kinds and other accessories from noble to playful form the most different category areas. According to individual taste and style, a special atmosphere can be created through this variety, which offers an exclusive optical experience. Depending on the living space and the furniture, this large selection includes a variety of matching elements that optimize the visual impression. Previously unnoticed areas or individual objects become an impressive eye-catcher and already highlighted elements can be visually rounded off and redefined. Whether in the children's room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway or in the sanitary areas, it is very easy to create something very special from every living area.

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