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Design lamps and luminaires

Innovative lighting in your own living roomA

few years ago, pendant luminaires were


an absolute highlight in every living room. Thanks to their innovative techniques and first-class design, pendant lamps are still considered a magnificent stylistic device for lighting today. The numerous designs offer excellent solutions for rooms with rustic to modern furnishings. A charmingly shining lamp, directly above the sitting area, provides warm moments and an excellent feel-good atmosphere. The pendant luminaire is also ideal for perfect lighting throughout the living room, or for the elegant presentation of special living accessories. For example, a unique accent can be given to the lovingly furnished picture corner, which reminds one of numerous exciting moments


pendant luminaires in an unusual designA

high-quality lamp today is more than just a means to an end. A variety of design highlights lend the living area that certain something that makes visitors stay and feel good. For example, an innovative pendant luminaire can illuminate not only in plain white, but also in breathtaking red, green or even black. This means that selected pendant luminaires can be optimally matched to the overall interior design of the room. At you can find a variety of designs for different styles.

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