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LED candles indoor & outdoor

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Deceptively real fire with LED candles

The flickering of the flame conveys a feeling of security and is somewhat reminiscent of the play of light in a campfire. A particularly safe alternative are real wax candles with LED, which create a cosy atmosphere even without an open fire. They also do not produce unpleasant soot and can be used wherever real fire would be too dangerous. The safe real wax candles are especially suitable for households with small children, senior citizens and pets.

LED candles use the energy-saving properties of light emitting diodes. These small electronic components emit a soft light when current flows through them. The diodes are very energy-saving and emit hardly any heat. This compensates for the disadvantages of conventional wax candles - the diodes are completely safe and there is no longer any danger of fire from the flame.

Magical lighting effects thanks to LED candles

Lights with LEDs can be used wherever wax candles are used: as decoration, as table decoration, for Christmas wreaths and table settings and as a light source for contemplative evenings. The soft light has a calming effect, and there are even diodes available that imitate the natural flickering of a fire. In various colours and shapes, there are no limits to your imagination when decorating with LED real wax candles.

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