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Skeisan Exquisite White Tea Jasmine Flowers X1.0 Glass Jar 70g

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Skeisan Exquisite White Tea Jasmine Flowers X1.0 Glass Jar 70g

Product description

When is a Skeisan tea an Exquisite Tea? For us, exquisite does not simply mean better, it describes the special and also the extraordinary. This can be a special, very elaborate form of production or an exclusive form of presentation. Both will surprise you visually, haptically - and tastefully.

This white tea can do more: The tea pearls, also called "dragon pearls", which have been traditionally handmade for over 100 years, unfold a strikingly intense, yet well-balanced jasmine aroma.

The tea is piled up with fresh jasmine blossoms during the production. In the evening, the blossoms open between the tea and transfer their aroma to the leaves, a process that is repeated several times. The tea is then rolled by hand into small pearls and dried. The rolling process results in curved patterns in the pearls, which come from the interplay of the hairy and hairless parts of the still young leaves and buds and are reminiscent of small Chinese dragons. Hence the addition "dragon pearls".

In China, the Jasmine Pearls is known as "Moli Long Zhu" (Moli=Jasmine Long=Dragon Zhu=Pearl). In western parts of the world, however, this particularly valuable form of tea is less well known. This should change quickly - anyone who has enjoyed this high-quality green tea from the spring harvest will know why.

Skeisan teas are natural, without additives and without artificial flavours - they come from the best growing areas worldwide. The tea, with flowers and fruit pieces, is packaged in high quality glass jars, without any type of plasitk. The refill packs are made of recycled kraft paper.

The Skeisan Tea Code:

The superior "X" marks our superbly selected range of particularly exquisite teas.All tea varieties with the pure "as harvested" taste are marked with."1."marked. Naturally refined tea blends with"2."The number after the dot is the consecutive number of the respective tea within the category - i.e. approximately "X1.0 to X1.5".

Weight: 70 g
Cups: approx. 70
Portioning: 1/2 tsp. to 150 ml
Brewing temperature: 100 °C
Brewing time: 2-3 min
Storage: Dry and protected from light
Ingredients: White tea, jasmine blossoms (<1 %)

What does SKEISAN stand for?

Once in ancient China, the emperor camped under a tree and boiled water on a kettle on the fire. When a light wind blew some leaves of the tree into the hot water, the emperor noticed how it turned a light green colour and smelled pleasantly. He tried a cup - the first Tea Experience: he was thrilled by the refreshing and invigorating effect of this drink from the wild tea tree, which the emperor had thus discovered.

The emperor's name was Shen Nung. This means: Son of the sky.
Son and sky. Sky and son. Skyson.
Phonetic: Skeisan.

Bestellnummer SKEGP10560
EAN 4260631730127
Hersteller Skeisan

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