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Oil lamps

Oil lamps - living light for terrace and garden

With oil lamps as outdoor lighting the shadows start to dance: This fire magic enlivens the terrace and garden. An atmospheric lighting in the outdoor area creates the expressive backdrop for social gatherings as well as for representative celebrations. The new generation of oil lamps combines the liveliness of fire with the safety of modern technology.

"Back to the roots" - the oil lamp creates atmosphere

As practical and shapely as electric light objects can be - you cannot achieve the liveliness of a natural flame. The design of the exclusive oil lamps appears without exception high-class and special. Simple in form, the oil lamps blend effortlessly into any garden: as markers of paths, as light sources on tables, as luminous highlights on railings. Their fascinating effect unfolds in the interplay of the calm, clear shapes of the lamp bodies with the eternal restlessness of the fire. Whether the oil lamp is made of metal or stone, floats on the water as a floating lamp or is anchored in the ground as a tapered metal plug - as a tamed fire the flame dances over the calm lamp body: archaic but modern in design. Oil lamps as outdoor lighting make the garden appear as a place full of secrets through their light - stimulating and exciting. And very lively.

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