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Garden torches and oil lamps

Your own garden offers a lot: opportunities for activity, pursuing your gardening hobby and above all one thing: pure relaxation. In order to achieve the latter, the right design of the garden is naturally important. The right ambience can be achieved wonderfully with garden torches. During the day these decorate a path or a certain area in the garden with simple elegance, dignified forms or enchanting decorations. In the evening and at night they go about their purpose and illuminate the desired area. Garden torches bathe the garden in a pleasant light, either a soft shimmer or a medium intensity light, depending on the brightness. A glistening light, as it is often seen from spotlights and spotlights, is not achieved here. Cleverly positioned, there is no limit to the romance.

In the category "Garden torches" you will find different models that suit every demand. Whether you prefer the rather plain model Aristo "Athena" in copper and stainless steel or whether the garden torch "Pisa" in rustic copper tone rather meets your requirements - in any case you will find what you are looking for here. It is good to know that the torches offered comply with the current safety standards. So you can enjoy not only a soft light, but also a safe lighting, which is not unimportant. After all, no one wants to have to stand next to a garden torch all the time to make sure that only the garden torch is lit and not "the garden torches".

Garden torches: Wide range of shapes, materials and sizes

Some of the models shown here are very different, not only in terms of the material used - for example "Athena" in copper and "Pisa" in steel or "Monte Carlo" in shiny stainless steel. - but also in terms of their size. The individual models are between 137 and 174 cm high. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a garden torch at exactly the right height, because after all, it can only look perfect if the size is appropriate. A very small torch that is intended to illuminate a large area will not work, nor will a large torch for a very small part of the garden.

In this product category you will not only find the suitable torches for your garden, but you can also purchase torch feet at the same time. In addition, we offer you various fuel oils, because without them there is no torch pleasure to experience.

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