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Outdoor lighting

Give your garden and outdoor area a special ambience at night. Stage your outdoor areas with electric light objects, solar lights or use the natural effect of fire. With our garden torches, lanterns, oil lamps or lanterns you can always conjure up a feel-good atmosphere.

Light has a positive influence on the mood of people, both in living rooms and outdoors. Tastefully illuminated paths, terraces, balconies, ponds and gardens can be enhanced with high-quality outdoor lighting and increase safety. The entrance area of a house is one of the business cards that provide information about the individual taste of the residents. In stylistic harmony with letterboxes and intercom systems, outdoor lighting in the form of wall lamps or illuminated objects can be installed there, which can also be combined with a motion detector if desired. Outside lighting in front of the house also deters uninvited guests who go on the prowl at night.

Outdoor lighting: design and function

Stylish exterior lighting not only convinces with its extraordinary design, but also with a maximum of functionality. Only the combination of these two factors guarantees efficient and atmospheric outdoor lighting. Innovative lighting objects set attractive accents such as the Bloom Pot, which offers multifunctional advantages from the mix of plant pot and lighting fixture and enchants every outdoor area atmospherically even when planted. Unusual light trends are also set by light trees, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors and are decorative not only at Christmas time. The durable and energy-efficient LED technology of this approximately one meter high illuminated object ensures durability and is easy on the wallet.

Lighting objects of 8-Seasons-Design convince by funny shapes, which enchant the outdoor area with different light colours. Illuminated pots, stones, stars and the moon not only inspire visitors to a garden party, but also create an impressive atmosphere all year round, which can also be enjoyed from the window. Trendy oil lamps, lanterns and torches do not need a power supply and are operated with special low-soot oils that meet all safety standards and offer a burning time of up to eleven hours even with subtle fragrances. Classic garden torches with their sharpened staff can be placed flexibly in the ground wherever their special torch light is required.

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