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Cosmetic mirror

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Cosmetic mirrors are particularly practical accessories


a make-up mirror usually has two sides. One side shows the face in normal size, the other side is for magnification. With the help of the magnification for example different make-up or shaving techniques are facilitated. The eyelid line can be drawn more precisely thanks to the magnification, the lips can be made up more carefully, the eyebrows can be plucked more precisely and the beard can be trimmed more precisely

. But not every mirror in the bathroom is suitable for applying make-up or as a shaving mirror. Many bathroom mirrors are simply too far away and cannot be moved flexibly. A swivel cosmetic mirror, which is placed above the washstand, solves this problem. There are different make-up mirrors that differ in terms of how they can be attached and how they are equipped. There are mirrors that are mounted with a suction cup directly above the washstand, others have a solid base or can be mounted on the wall. The mirrors differ in terms of magnification and lighting technology.

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