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Candles for a great atmosphere

Light can determine the atmosphere in the garden and is an important component of garden decoration, especially in the cold season and during evening festivities. The most classic is a candle, as it provides softer light than a light bulb. It also helps to avoid electricity costs and the outdoor lighting is environmentally friendly and atmospheric. The candle can be placed e.g. on the garden table or surrounding walls and cornices. The candle also creates effective light in the garden in the form of a floating ball, which reflects the light on the surface of the water and poses no safety risk. Candles are available here in various shapes and colours; scented candles can also be used specifically to make the garden world even more beautiful.

The alternative to wax candles: Candles with LED

They do not always have to be traditional candles, as they are exposed to wind and weather and cannot be placed next to easily flammable objects. For modern outdoor lighting in the garden we recommend candles of the LED type. They are sometimes made of real wax and are equipped with a practical timer. Therefore LED candles promise long-lasting, uncomplicated light that can be used in many ways. Wind lights and lanterns are also recommended.

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