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Accessories for garden torches and oil lamps

Find in the category "Accessories garden torches and oil lamps" the suitable fuel oil, torch feet, fire bells etc.

Lamp oils for your outdoor lighting

In summer, the garden becomes a place of joy in the evening hours: a garden torch, oil lamps or lanterns bathe it in dim light, inviting you to a happy get-together. But the joy is often clouded by insects attracted by the light of the garden torch or oil lamps. But with the right lamp oil, it is possible to protect his outdoor lighting and thus also himself from this plague. The oil can do even more if you wish.

Lamp oil guaranteed for beautiful evenings in the garden or on the terrace

The oil is poured into, for example, the lanterns, but in principle it can be used for all outdoor lighting, unless otherwise stated in the description of the specific product. The oil contains certain substances that keep insects (e.g. mosquitoes) away, but are completely harmless to humans. For example, it can also be purchased on a vegetable basis. Certain lamp oils also contain subtle fragrances, which ensure, for example, that a light and very pleasant citrus scent spreads in the garden. Thus the lamp oil not only provides for a beautiful lighting, but also for an all around successful evening.

A secure hold for your oil flares

Cleverly placed outdoor lighting sets the garden in scene even in the dark, and not only when a garden party is taking place. After all, the garden is something like the decoration of the house and nobody wants to look into a "black hole". If you want to use a garden torch instead of solar lights, you must of course make sure that the torch has a safe stand in the garden so that the outdoor lighting does not become a safety risk.

Fire is no problem with the right torch base.

Open flames in the garden set the mood and create a great atmosphere. However, in order for a garden torch to stand safely and even playing children or pets cannot knock it over, the torches must have a safe stand. The rule of thumb is that the higher the torch, the heavier or deeper the stand must be. Perfectly suited to secure this special outdoor lighting are stands with a base of stone and/or metal as well as earth spikes driven deep into the ground. To ensure that the garden torch fits optimally and above all safely into the torch base, the diameters of torch and base are matched to each other. So nothing stands in the way of a nice relaxing evening with romantic outdoor lighting.

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